What we can offer

Beta Epsilon, dubbed as the Brotherhood of Engineers provides an avenue to idealistic young engineers who aim to jumpstart their careers at an early age. Through alumni mentorship and a holistic work environment, young Betans are able to easily adapt in the adult world. Being a resident also means a constant interaction with our decorated alumni. Practical advice passed down to younger brods on various aspects of life is truly invaluable. Their stories during their time in the fraternity sheds light on how even through all these years the core values of what it means to be a Betan has remained untarnished.

To be a Betan is synonymous to being a gentleman. We pride ourselves in acting accordingly to different circumstances as well as presenting ourselves in a respectable manner. These values which are indoctrinated to every Betan we keep in our hearts and apply for all time. Above all, Beta Epsilon prides itself with a solid foundation and a welcoming Brotherhood. It is here in the Purple Tower that young Betans come to appreciate just how a fraternity can help manifest the hidden potential in everyone. Balancing academics and extracurriculars have been commonplace for all students and the fraternity provides a superb support system for University life. Be it an outlet for various frustrations or an avenue to project something which you are passionate about, the brods readily revel in the development of each and every brod for which is the essence of a Brotherhood.