The First Online Maskipaps: The Crossover

The most ambitious crossover: How Maskipaps went online?

Even with the ongoing pandemic, the UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity could not give up on Maskipaps: The Crossover. Normally held after the UP Lantern Parade in December, Maskipaps: The Crossover marks the end of the first semester of each academic year with the roar of a crowd and a blast of fireworks. This year, the brods decided to push through with the event with a different twist.

As a way of service to the community, Maskipaps: The Crossover became a 2-day event free of charge for everyone to watch. Viewers could instead donate to the many payment channels available where all the proceeds would go to our beneficiary, the Philippine Genome Center, for CoViD-19 testing kits for mass testing. It was also decided that the concert would be virtual for the health and safety of everyone who was involved in the event. With the help of BlueEvents - Stills & Cinematics, filming and editing the pre-recorded performances made the concert possible.

Despite being a free concert, Maskipaps: The Crossover acquired a diverse set of performers that gave music lovers from all walks of life something to listen to. Day 1 on August 24 featured rising star Meg Zurbito, the classic Shirebound & Busking, Spotify stars Leanne & Naara, crowd favorite Lola Amour, and a band reinventing themselves, MYMP (Make Your Momma Proud). Day 2 on August 28 brought back Hey Billie, the old reliable Ang Bandang Shirley, a mystery duo consisting of Michael Bars and Michael Pacquiao, and Maskipaps: The Crossover returnees Because, and Kiyo and Allison Shore.

The concert was an absolute success as Php 80,000.00 was raised from the event, with the proceeds going to the Philippine Genome Center. Over 180,000 people took the time from their busy days to spend their evenings with us listening to OPM. More established music companies also held their own concert on the same days as ours. Wish 107.5 and Monster Radio each had their own event, but Maskipaps’ numbers crushed the competition.

Even amidst uncertainty and multiple factors possibly stopping us from pushing through with the event, the Betansfound a way to showcase their creativity and resourcefulness in organizing the best show possible for everyone. Other organizations from schools all across Metro Manila even contacted the fraternity asking for tips on raising their own online concert for a cause. We don’t know when the old Maskipaps: The Crossover will return, but one thing is certain, the UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity will always deliver one hell of a show.


Philippine Genome Center


August 24 & 28, 2020