by Lauro Sumera Jr., BE’18

Since the pandemic happened, it has been difficult to reconnect with the people we used to see and hang out with. It's even more difficult to recall the last time we went out with our friends, classmates, or orgmates. For a typical college student, it is natural to miss the days when we were hanging out in our org tambayans or going to places where you and your friends usually hang out but no one would have guessed that the day you went to that specific place, would be the last time you'd ever see it again before the lockdown.

In the midst of the uncertainty that everything will return to normal, the brotherhood of Beta Epsilon always finds a way to reconnect. From random study or work night invites from residents or young alumni to game nights and on occasion, virtual inuman or e-numan. The brods maintain the same kind of relationship they had before the lockdown despite the long-distance separation.

The pandemic also didn’t stop the brotherhood from setting up events exclusively for its members. An example is the BECQ or Beta Epsilon Champions of the Quarantine, where a Chess and Valorant tournament is held within the fraternity with the primary goal of reigniting the spirit of brotherhood and keeping the bond strong, after a long period of no physical interactions.

In spite of having shared values and principles in the brotherhood, there is diversity amongst its members in terms of interests and hobbies. Various group chats are set up to cater to the different interests and newfound pursuits of the brods. There are those who are passionate about working out and taking care of their physical well-being, brothers who enjoy watching anime, and playing video games, among other groups. This shows that whatever one’s interests are, there will always be brods who will join you.

It is a challenge to maintain our sanity in these trying times, given all that is going on around us but to look out for one another as brothers is another-- a shared value that has been practiced in the brotherhood that has withstood the test of time. “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed”, a quote from the book The Little Prince best illustrates this kind of relationship-- a brotherhood that will always be responsible to one another no matter what.