What does it mean to be an engineer for others? For the Betans, it is simply taking the initiative to help the community using their engineering prowess.

The Beta Epsilon Theatrum

The Beta Epsilon Theatrum was designed by Architect Roni Manahan BE ’57, as a gift to UP in its 75th Diamond Jubilee.Its architectural design was worked out by College of Architecture Dean Geronimo Manahan BE’57. Located in the lagoon area at the back of the University Amphitheater, it is designed as a freestanding structure that could be used as a stage for various performances. The original design had its stage situated on the lagoon’s edge, allowing for a greater acoustic effect. The first function to utilize the stage was Prof. Dominador Ilio’s Poetry Reading in December of 1984. It is used in theatre plays and poetry in an effort to promote culture and the arts.