What does it mean to be an engineer for others? For the Betans, it is simply taking the initiative to help the community using their engineering prowess.

Beta Epsilon Gate

Another testimony of the fraternity’s commitment to give back to the UP community is the Beta Epsilon Gate. Located near the UP College of Architecture and the Pauw Child Care Center, the construction of this gate is one of the several concrete projects of Beta Epsilon.

This project was accomplished under the guidance of Isidro Consunji BE‘67, and Ernesto Amparo BE‘68, as the project managers. Designed by the late N. B. Abueva, this gate features an atypical and modernistic design with a free-form structure and sculpted finish. With the help of resident brods taking time off of their weekends and freetimes to dig, shovel, and pour concrete, the construction was completed in no time.