Featured Alumni

Betans are trained to be achievers who do not stop upon receiving their undergraduate degrees.

Engr. Alfredo Dela Cruz BE’92

He studied at the IMD Business School after his bachelor’s degree at University of the Philippines. He has worked as Executive Vice President and Sales Director at Nestlé, and is currently the Business Executive Officer of Nestlé IndoChina Region.

Dr. Leonardo Liongson BE ‘67

A researcher with a passion, Dr. Leonardo Liongson BE ‘67. Dr Liongson was a retired professor who published several papers and was a past director of the National Hydraulic Research Center. His work got him the UPAA Lifetime Distinguished Achievement Award.

Dr. Dennis Quinto BE ‘58

An internationally renowned materials engineer, Dr. Dennis Quinto BE ‘58 is the recipient of the UPAA Distinguished Alumni Award for Science and Technology (Materials Science). Dr. Quinto is also the president and founder of Beta Nanocoating Philippines Inc.

Dr. Joel Joseph Marciano BE ‘93

He headed an all Filipino team of ten scientists and engineers in constructing DIWATA - 1, the first microsatellite created under the PHL MICROSAT program. DIWATA-1 was launched to space last March 23, 2016. He was also the director of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute of UP Diliman from 2009 to 2015.

Engr. Apolonio P. Yson BE’63

He worked in the defense and aerospace industry for almost three decades, was awarded a patent for Shape Memory Alloy Linear Actuators (US Patent No. 7,464,548), and was awarded many numerous certificates of recognition for his outstanding contributions in solving mechanical problems affecting space shuttle launches.

Engr. Luis Maria Calingo BE’73

He acquired his doctorate degree at the Joseph M. Katz School of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. He was a former president of Woodbury University and is currently the President of the Holy Angel University in Pampanga.

Engr. David M. Consunji BE’43

The son of a farmer, was first a physics teacher in a Bataan high school, then a concrete inspector, before he founded the construction company DMCI in 1954. The firm’s first projects were chicken coops worth Php 10,000, and has since diversified into power generation, real estate, and infrastructure. DMCI shaped its reputation by reminding itself: “You are only as good as your last project,” and “The best project is yet to come.” holder-holder-holder-holder-holder

Engr. Alfonso Aliga BE’63

He is the current Executive Director of the UP Engineering Research and Development Foundation, Inc.(UP ERDFI), a non-profit organization that provides support to develop the technological competencies of the UP College of Engineering Center through faculty development, research and development, laboratory facilities, Support staff, and undergraduate and graduate studies.

Prof. Rafael Nestor Mantaring BE’75

He is an authority in Original Design Manufacturing, covering automotive, wireless, industrial and consumer products. He set up and ran the first large-scale Integrated Circuit design house in the Philippines. He also developed and taught the first Microprocessor Systems course and Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) design course in a Philippine University.

Engr. Filemon T. Berba Jr. BE’55

He lives up to the definition of a Betan, being the apotheosis of a scholar and of a leader. He served as the Most Exalted Brother of the Fraternity in 1958, finished his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 1959, and his masters degree in 1964 at Wharton Graduate School, University of Pennsylvania. As Engr. Berba said in his book, entitled Leadership for Extraordinary results, “A leader must have the ability to make people happy to do what needs to be done together.”

Dr. Jose B. Cruz Jr. BE’50

He is an exemplar in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, being the first Summa Cum Laude graduate of the College of Engineering, and possessing his MS Degree and PhD in MIT Cambridge and University of Illinois respectively. He is a recipient of the Richard E. Bellman Control Heritage Award, and the IEEE James H. Mulligan Jr. Education Medal. Currently, he is a renowned control theorist and professor of Engineering in Ohio State University.

Prof. Miguel T. Escoto BE’72

He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman and his Master of Science degree from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. His research and projects have led him to photovoltaic systems and renewable energy, two areas that are key to solving power problems in the Philippines. One such project is the DOST-funded Wind Generator Power System Program which aims to solve the problem of ever-increasing power rates and constant threats of power shortage.

24 out of 100
Outstanding Alumni Engineers

Brods in Different Fields

Business and Marketing

Engr. Larry Espiritu BE ‘14
Business Development Assistant & Chief of Staff, AECOM Philippines Inc.

Engr. Alfredo Dela Cruz BE ‘92
Business Executive Officer, Nestlé IndoChina

Engr Carlos Berba BE ‘87
Managing Director, San Miguel Brewing International Ltd.

Mr. Luis Sia BE '16
Co-founder, Paymongo

Electronics and

Engr. Rafael Mantaring BE ‘75
Vice President, Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc.; Professorial Lecturer, UP IEEE

Engr. Alex Ibasco BE 78
Former Chief Innovation Officer, Smart Communications

Dr. Joel Marciano BE ‘93
Director General, Philippine Space Agency; Project Leader, PHL-MICROSAT; Professor, UP IEEE


Engr. Isidro Consunji BE’67
President, DMCI Holdings Inc.

Engr. Don Mustapha Loong BE ‘96
Member of Parliament, BARMM

Beta Epsilon Professorial Chairs

A total of 45 Chairs (including multiple chair donors) out of 212 Engineering Chairs.

Dean Alfredo Juinio BE’36, sponsored by the Juinio Family

Maynilad UP Centennial, jointly sponsored by DMCI, JV Angeles and two other construction companies

Beta Epsilon, by BE

Prof Dominador Ilio BE’37

Jorge M. Consunji, by DMCI Holdings

DMCI Project Developers, Inc. - 3 chairs

Domingo Toledo

Ariston de los Reyes Engineering Centennial Chair, by MacArthur and Josefina de los Reyes

Dominador Ilion Engineering Centennial Chair, by MacArthur and Josefina de los Reyes

MacArthur and Josefina de los Reyes Engineering Centennial Chair, by MacArthur and Josefina de los Reyes

Mantaring-Gervasio Professorial Chair, by Rafael Nestor and Rizalina Mantaring

Maynilad Water Services - 5 chairs, by Isidro Consunji BE’67

Cesar Buenaventura BE’47, by Pilipinas Shell

Cesar Buenaventura BE’47 UP Centennial, by Pilipinas Shell

William Christopher U.Liu Jr. BE‘78 - 2 chairs, by William Christopher U.Liu Jr. BE‘78, Jr., Primary Builders

Semirara Mining and Power Corp - 4 chairs, by Consunji Family

Dr. Leopoldo Abis BE’52, by Abis Family, Friends of Dr. Abis, and UPERDFI

Dr. Leonardo Liongson BE’67, by UPERDFI and Victor Villagracia

David Consunji BE’43, by DMCI Holdings

Levy Espiritu, by LevyRox Corporation

Apolonio and Lorna Yson - 2 chairs, by Apolonio and Lorna Llave Yson

Hilary de Leon, by Micrologic Systems, Inc.

Chancellor Ernesto Tabujara BE’49, by Ricardo Tabujara III and Victor Villagracia

Federico Puno - 2 chairs, by Semirara Mining and Power Corp.

Prof. Alfredo B. Juinio, Jr., by Erlina Juinio and Juinio Family

Edgardo and Agnes EE Centennial Chair - by the Paynor Family

Pedro and Francisca Maniego, by Pedro Maniego, Jr.

Honorio and Elisa Allado, by Allado Construction Corporation

Antonio and Lourdes Tanchuling Mining Eng Centennial, by Dr. Antonio Tanchuling, Jr.

M E Sicat Construction, by Michael Allan Sicat

Jose Edgar Manrique, by Jose Edgar and Lilac Manrique

Daniel D. C. Reyes, by Daniel B. Reyes

Lodevina Baclig Reyes, by Daniel B. Reyes

Enrique and Elena Ostrea, by Antoniio Ostrea and siblings