Aurelio Juguilon

Aurelio Juguilon was a civil engineer, architect, educator, and pioneer. He obtained the degree in BS Engineering from the University of the Philippines in 1950 and a degree in BS Architecture at the University of Santo Tomas in 1954. He pursued graduate studies at the University of Florida on the Philippine government scholarship earning an MA Architecture Degree in 1962. That same year, he received a certificate in fallout shelters from the US Department of State. In 1966, the UP Institute of Small-Scale Industries awarded him a Certificate in PRT/CPM.

Juguilon is called the “Father of the UP College of Architecture” when he began teaching at the UP College of Engineering, a curriculum in architecture had been instituted for the first time in 1956. Professor Juguilon served as the first Dean of the College in 1965. It was then known as the College of Fine Arts and Architecture until its separation into distinct academic units in 1970. He nurtured the growth of the College during his 18 years of service.

A licensed civil engineer and architect, he was able to take on several projects and assignments here and abroad, experiences which in turn contributed to the enrichment of the instruction and management of the architecture program. He was a charter member of the United Architects of the Philippines where he became a fellow in 1973, and an honorary fellow of the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects. Architect/Engineer Juguilon also served as director of DCCD Engineering Corporation in 1968 and Urban Designers Associates Incorporated in 1970.

He was on different occasions a member or delegate of the Philippine missions sent abroad on such fields as engineering education, fisheries education, folk arts and indigenous architecture, physical facilities in urban areas, foreign assisted projects in agriculture, manpower and technological vocational programs. His areas of specialization included Architectural Structures, Acoustics, Architectural Design (Educational Physical Facilities), and Project Management. Several universities in the country engaged his services as consulting architect for the planning of their campuses. He also executed the acoustic design of some noted theaters, movie houses, and stages in the metropolis despite being passed the compulsory retirement age of 65. Dean Juguilon continued to be called upon to teach subjects such as design history and theory, building construction, utilities and equipment acoustics, professional administration, and structural design until he passed away in 1995.