Jose Angeles

“I am a product of public schools,” says Jose Angeles, sitting in his office which is just meters from the Bagong Ilog Elementary School where he studied in the late 1970’s. It was an interesting road getting from Bagong Ilog to UP and one that shows his dedication and determination to become an engineer. Before entering UP Engineering, he had gone to two other engineering schools. During the Japanese occupation, he was rejected by UP. But he still wanted to be an engineer, so he enrolled at Mapua. After four months, the war resumed when the Americans returned to the Philippines. Consequently, the schools were closed. By the time of the liberation, Angeles enrolled in the National University because it was the fist school to open that offered engineering courses. After some months, UP opened. Still believing that it was the best school for engineering, he transferred toUP after being finally admitted there.

After graduation, he became an assistant engineer assigned to the Liberal Arts Building, better known today as Palma Hall or AS (Arts and Sciences Building). Two years after graduation, he considered being part of the Education committee under the War Reconstruction Commission. He then become a contractor with the Eligio De Guzman & Co. for thirteen years. He started as a project engineer but moved all the way up to becoming its executive vice president. When he decided tor ensign, it was to put up a business of his own.

JV Angeles Construction has operated in the Southeast Asian region for forty years. In 1990, the UP Alumni Association gave him the Professional Achievement Award in Engineering. Two years after, the COnstruction Industry Authority of the Philippines named him Outstanding Contractor for Waterworks. In 2006, the Infrastructure