Brotherhood of Engineers

For 91 years, the UP Beta Epsilon has proudly stood tall as a pillar of excellence and service in the UP College of Engineering. Beginning merely as a collective desire between Hon. Alejandro S. Melchor and a group of student athletes to establish an engineering student honor society, the idea of an organization consisting of aspiring engineers slowly gained traction throughout the halls of the College of Engineering. On August 23, 1929, these ideals and efforts came to fruition, as the UP Beta Epsilon, or Brotherhood of Engineers, was founded and recognized as an official organization by the UP Administration.

The dreams of 9 Honorable founders and Hon. Alejandro S. Melchor soon birthed numerous avenues of service to the University. From forming excellent engineering students and alumni, to materializing the Beta Way, to organizing Maskipaps: the Crossover, the UP Beta Epsilon steadfastly upholds its aims of fostering camaraderie and serving the country in general and the college in particular.



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Anniversary Celebration

The anniversary celebration is an annual month-long celebration during the foundation month of the fraternity that fosters camaraderie and good vibes in the engineering community.

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First organized in 1974, the Blockbooster is one of the fraternity’s annual events. The Blockbooster was conceptualized to be a peaceful avenue to bring together freshman blocks through friendly competition, amid the turbulence of the recently-instituted Martial Law.

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MSK, also known as “Maskipaps”, is an anything goes variety show during the engineering week. The name is a contraction of the phrase “Maski-papaano”.

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Maskipaps: The CrossOver

Maskipaps: The Crossover is the official Afterparty of the UP Lantern Parade, and is the biggest student-organized music festival in UP Diliman.

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The 47th Annual Blockbooster goes online.

The 47th Annual Blockbooster commenced where teams of freshmen from the College of Engineering tested their wits for 2 days of intense competition to win 25,000 pesos worth of prizes.

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Beta Epsilon transports 34K meals to flood-hit Cagayan Valley.

The province of Cagayan was severely devastated by Typhoon Ulysses (Vamco) last November 13, 2020.

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Beta Epsilon conducts first Distinguished Alumni Webinar Series.

The Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series (DALS) is one out of the multitude of events that the UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity hosts annually in celebration of its anniversary month.

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The most ambitious crossover: How Maskipaps went online?

Even with the ongoing pandemic, the UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity could not give up on Maskipaps: The Crossover.

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Beta Epsilon leads Desktop Donation Drive to aid UP students

It is one of the aims of the UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity to encourage and maintain a high standard of scholarship.

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Beta Epsilon donates 920 reams of paper to Batangas schools

The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed brought a significant impact on our society, particularly regarding the disruption of education systems.

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Maskipaps Typhoon Relief Grand Pakain 2020.

Ever since the establishment of the Purple Tower in 1929, it has been carved in the foundations of the UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity to promote the ideals of social service and to serve the genuine interests of the college and the country.

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Since the pandemic happened, it has been difficult to reconnect with the people we used to see and hang out with.

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Linked: Beta Epsilon’s Chain since 1929

In 1929, nine bright students, leaders, and athletes from the UP College of Engineering envisioned the first college-based fraternity in the country.


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Responsibility, the Frat’s Guiding Principle this 92nd Year

For Beta Epsilon’s 92nd year, the word used to describe the overall mindset and direction of the brotherhood for the year is “Responsibility.”


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Service in the Spirit of Brotherhood: UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity’s Continued Service during the Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has placed all our plans and goals in limbo. A challenging time where many of our fellowmen are forced to leave their jobs.


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Community Engagement through the Distinguished Alumni Webinar Series

It is always within the intention of the fraternity to provide inspiration for the ideals of social service and instill greater interest in serving the country in general and the college in particular.


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Beta Epsilon Gives Back

Providing ideals of social service and promoting the interests of the college, the UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity continues to find ways to serve the Engineering community.

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